Teeth Whitening – Affordable And Convenient in Highlands Ranch

Today, teeth whitening in Highlands Ranch makes it possible to restore the whiteness and brightness of stained or discolored teeth in a way that is both convenient and affordable. In this article, we will look at the basic causes of staining and discoloration of teeth, as well as some of the teeth whitening choices presently available.

What causes teeth to become stained or discolored, to begin with? There are three primary factors: cracks in the enamel of the teeth, eating or drinking foods that are prone to stain the teeth such as coffee or blueberries, and smoking. Smoking especially has a sizeable impact on the color of the teeth over time.

Professional teeth whitening in Highlands Ranch has yielded outstanding results in the treatment of stained or discolored teeth. A typical treatment involves the application by the dentist of a peroxide based bleaching or whitening gel to the teeth of the patient, lasts anywhere from fifteen minutes to about an hour, and may or may not involve the use of a special dental laser to activate the gel and increase its effectiveness. Many patients achieve satisfactory results with just one treatment, while those with more pervasive staining or discoloration may require several treatments.

In addition to treatments performed in a dental office, professional home whitening treatments are an attractive option for some and involve the use of a home whitening kit that is provided by a dentist and used under his supervision. A typical kit contains a custom set of whitening trays and peroxide whitening solution. While not as effective as an in-office treatment, and though requiring more applications over a longer period, professional home teeth whitening has proven to be a cost effective option for those unable to afford the expense of professional treatment in a dentist Highlands Ranch office.

An even less expensive option than either professional in-office whitening or professional home whitening is the use of store bought do-it-yourself whitening kits. These kits are readily available over-the-counter and include products such as teeth whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, gels, and lower strength peroxide bleaching solutions.

These all have varying degrees of effectiveness, but none come close to the results that are seen with professional teeth whitening Highlands Ranch. For example, teeth whitening toothpaste take a long time to work and yield very limited results, while whitening strips – though more efficient than whitening toothpaste – are known to produce uneven results. Generally speaking, these products will whiten teeth by just one to three shades, whereas professional whitening can whiten teeth by as many as ten shades.

With all the teeth whitening choices that are available today, no one has to endure stained or discolored teeth if they do not want to. There is a treatment option for every budget so that a whiter and brighter smile is within reach of just about everyone.

Even when teeth whitening ratings and reviews can make you confused on which teeth whitening product to buy, they are nevertheless vital in saving you from unnecessary expenses and time when purchasing. Make sure to check the active ingredient present as well as the concentration used in that certain product. Several teeth whitening ratings and reviews could share with you the need


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